Geography Intent Overview

Geography Curriculum Map

At Rosemellin, the programme of study for Geography is taught over two half terms. The overview below shows the topic areas that the pupils will be studying over the course of their schooling at Rosemellin.

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


Autumn 2

Where in the world am I?

 -Identify North/South poles equator

-know equator is hot/poles are cold

-UK and locate four countries

-physical features in locality

-compare and contrast local area and coastal area

Wonderful Weather

-know equator is hot/poles are cold

seasonal weather changes

A world of water

 -Identify and name continents and the equator

-Name and locate the world’s five oceans



North/South America

-Locate key countries of North and South America

-Identify the location and significance of Latitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Arctic and Antarctic circles

-Describe the features of a North or South American forest biome

Rivers and the water cycle

 -Describe and understand key aspects of the water cycle

-Name key rivers, UK, Europe and the Americas.

-Use 4 figure grid reference and OS symbols

Mighty Mountains

 -Understand how mountains are formed

-Locate key mountain ranges in UK and globally

-Identify time zones and longitude

Where did the ice go?

 – Exploring different types of settlement

-Identify examples of local economic activity and trade links


Summer 1

Celebrating Cornwall

– Understand geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of a small local coastal area.

Wonderful Weather

 -Understand that the poles are the colder areas of the world and the equator is hot

-Know changes of weather associated with seasonal change

Does it snow in Africa?

(Compare non European)

-Understand geographical similarities and differences through studying the human and physical geography of a small area in a contrasting non-European country

Forests, people and change

 -Understand the human and physical features of a forest biome through a local study

– Name and locate key forests within the UK

The River Fal/The River Thames

-Describe the key aspects of rivers, including settlement, economic activity and the distribution of natural resources.

Lands of Fire and Ice

 -Understand how and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur and their impact on humans

Sustaining  our planet

– Consider the importance of the aquatic biome for environmental sustainability

Consider how human activities could be having an impact on climate around the world


Year group overview

Please click on the Pdfs below to see the detailed overview for each year group:

Year 1 Geography

Year 2 Geography

Year 3 Geography

Year 4 Geography

Year 5 Geography

Year 6 geography