Unlocking Possibilities; Enabling Choice

Learning and Achieving For One and All


At Rosemellin school we are:                                                  

  • Healthy: socially, emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Knowledgeable: articulate, literate and numerate
  • Active citizens: locally, nationally and globally; proud to belong
  • Compassionate: valuing ourselves and each other
  • Ambitious: challenging and supporting each other to be better


Curriculum Strategy

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to develop the personal attributes essential for our children to flourish and thrive through a well-designed curriculum that prepares our children for the next phase of their education.

Our curriculum provides our pupils with a sense of place and a purpose for the world they live in now and for the future. Carefully selected topics include the celebration of Cornwall and its rich history, instilling a sense of pride in our children for the place that is ‘home’.

Our curriculum is carefully planned and is progressive so that concepts, knowledge and skills are connected meaningfully; learning becomes fluent and is secured through practice and, by frequent reviews and revisits, not forgotten.

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and is enhanced by carefully planned enrichment opportunities to broaden our children’s horizons and to develop our children’s love of learning. We take every opportunity to use the outdoors as an additional resource, developing our children’s well-being and connectedness to the natural world. Whenever possible, outdoor experiences are planned, not only as subject specific experiences but also as everyday opportunities which every child is entitled to enjoy and experience as they grow. The life experiences of our children are enhanced by a broad range of events including: visits to places of historical interest; theatrical and musical experiences; residential camps (including to the capital, London) and participation in a variety of sports. Such a curriculum offer plays its part in developing our children’s cultural capital. Our intent is to develop well rounded young people who are able to transition to the next phase of their education and fully participate in society: happy, mentally and physically healthy and aspiring to a life that is truly satisfying.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is structured using half term themes with either a historical or geographical focus.

The geographical themes develop the key concepts of: place, space and scale and provide, where possible, the geographical context for the History topic that follows.

The Historical themes develop the key concepts of: evidence; interpretation; cause and consequence; continuity and change; similarities and differences and significance. Using these concepts pupils can make connections to, and make sense of, local and world history.

Medium Term plans are framed using subject progression documents to teach a sequence of lessons, focused on small steps leading progressively to an end goal.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  •  Developing language for communication and understanding, with an emphasis on the acquisition of vocabulary: the more words our children have to explain the world, the more able they will be to shape their futures and be agents of change.
  •  The systematic teaching of reading skills: first, decoding (sounding out and blending); next, reading fluently at speed (accurately and expressively); then, comprehension (understanding the meaning of what is read) and finally, inference (reading between the lines)
  •  High quality texts that underpin our curriculum, giving our children a wider understanding and more extensive knowledge of the world.
  •  The teaching of Maths through a small step Mastery approach: understanding is built carefully,

and systematically over time, developing subject knowledge incrementally and increasing confidence.

  •  Teaching subjects that are coherently planned, well-structured and sequenced with small steps and

explicit outcomes: children are taught to retrieve, consolidate and connect knowledge.

  •  The physical fitness, emotional intelligence and the mental well-being of our children.
  •  Providing our children with a range of diverse cultural and social experiences so they can bring their

own, unique perspectives to knowing and understanding the world in which they live.

  •  Enabling our children to work on being their best selves: seeing the world more clearly, more thoughtfully and more wisely, from differing perspectives.

For further information please visit the curriculum overview and individual subject pages on our website.