Vision and Principles

Science at Rosemellin engages all leaners in actively and exploring the world around them.

It aims to enhance the children’s connection to the natural world, develop their creative and critical thinking skills, as well as foster a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder.

Science - Intent

Our intention for science at Rosemellin is to engage all learners in actively investigating and exploring the world around them. Through a progressive and sequential curriculum, we seek to develop the children’s connection to the natural world, enhance and encourage their innate curiosity, as well as foster a sense of awe and wonder.

Science gives children the building blocks to understand the world around them and the skills to find out more. It offers children the opportunity to grapple with ‘big’ questions and encourages an inquisitive attitude. We also believe that allowing the children time to discuss topics as scientists enables them to develop their higher order thinking skills.

We believe that children learn science best by getting ‘hands on’, exploring and discovering for themselves and we endeavour to maximise practical opportunities. We also take learning outside the classroom where possible. Children are provided with a range of opportunities to carry out different types of scientific enquiry and we encourage them to plan their own investigations. We aim to build the children’s scientific capital by developing their scientific knowledge and skills sequentially, explicitly discussing the role of science in our daily lives and exploring careers associated with it.

Science Curriculum Map

Science curriculum map