School Aims and Vision

Our vision for the Rosemellin community is to nurture responsible citizens who have a thoughtful attitude towards the local, national and global community of tomorrow. Our CARE culture permeates through all that we do so that we are able ‘to make a difference…’  In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to earn their CARE Bear medals and in Key Stage 2 their CARE badges to show they are demonstrating these attributes.

We are:

Curious people are open minded and willing to take educated risks. They are motivated to innovate, explore, improve and grow. Their minds are attracted to solving problems, seeking solutions and expanding their knowledge.

When we talk about being Active we talk about being both physically active and active learners. Active people are motivated, focused and successful. They achieve, persist, transfer skills and retain information and enjoy critical thinking, cooperation and healthy competition.

Reflective people have an increased self-awareness which in turn develops a better understanding of others. Reflective practice can also help to develop creative thinking skills and it encourages active engagement when learning.

Evolutionary people have an understanding that somethings take time to develop. They look for connections on previous learning, understand the process of improvement and developing and want to better themselves. They are resilient, patient, visionary and curious.