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Rosemellin School Governors

Our school is proud to be part of the Crofty Multi Academy Trust, the running of which is overseen by the board of trustees. The Board of Trustees is chaired by Mr Mike Hosking.

The Trust Board is made up of volunteers, mainly people who have been school governors in the past but also includes people with specific business or educational skills. They set the strategic direction for the Trust, hold the Trust to account for its outcomes for students and oversee the work of the Executive Officers.

Our school has a Local Governing Body (LGB) and its responsibilities are detailed below.

Local Governing Bodies

Every Crofty MAT School is accountable to the Trust Board. A Local Governing Body is perfectly positioned to facilitate this and to ensure that their school can realistically meet the requirements of the Trust. The LGB will use its detailed knowledge and engagement with stakeholders to ensure that their school is being well served by the Trust’s executive leadership, and the LGB has direct access to the board if there are concerns.

School governors communicate and work in conjunction with the Board to provide a vital link and additional level of accountability. The LGB has delegated responsibility for standards and outcomes in our school, for safeguarding and its relationships with external stakeholders, especially parents. The Chairs of LGBs are held to account by the Board for outcomes in those areas and its core role is as follows:

Core Role

  • Focus on consistently improving outcomes for all pupils but especially for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Provide challenge and support to leaders at all levels in the school.
  • Monitor the performance and progress of the school, agreeing strategies to achieve continuous improvement and monitoring the School Improvement Plan.
  • Strategic oversight of the curriculum.
  • Take all aspects of safeguarding and well -being seriously and appoint a designated Safeguarding governor.
  • Conduct an annual self- evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the governing body and the school’s improvement activities.
  • Promote Trust vision, policies and priorities

The LGB will use its detailed knowledge and engagement with stakeholders to ensure that their school is being well served by the executive leadership, and has direct access to the board if there are concerns.

The Local Governing Body of Rosemellin Primary School are all volunteers who give up their time to represent the community and to help shape the direction and aims of the School.

For further information regarding the structure of the Crofty Multi Academy Trust, including details of trustees and members please use the  tab “Governance” under “Our School”.

The Governors of Rosemellin Primary School are proud of their involvement in school life. They meet regularly and take an active role in supporting the school. Each Governor has an important role to play and are considered an important part of our school team. If you need to contact a Governor, please address your query to the Chair of Governors, Jenni Richards, or the relevant Governor, care of:

Rosemellin Primary School

Cliff View Road



TR14 8PG

To see the Whistleblowing policy click on the Pdf below.

Crofty MAT Whistleblowing Policy

Rosemellin Local Governance Committee

Rosemellin Local Governance Committee           – Membership, Conflicts of Interest, Attendance       Updated: 23/04/22







Jenni Richards Chair/ Local Governor Appointed by LGC 01/09/19 – 31/08/23 Nursery Nurse at Gooseberry Bush Nursery. 5/6
Katherine Boase Vice Chair/ Parent Elected by parents 28/01/19 – 27/01/23 Employed by Cornwall Council – working at Richard Lander. 5/6
Rob Lyth Staff Elected by staff 28/01/19 – 27/01/23 None. 6/6
Natasha Anderson Staff Elected by staff 01/09/18 – 31/08/22 None. 6/6
Deborah Partegar Local Governor Appointed by LGC 17/02/22 – 16/02/26 Self employed Educational Consultant to Central Bedfordshire and schools (and MAT’s) in Luton and Hertfordshire. 0/0
Sarah Howarth Local Governor Appointed by LGC 06/07/21 – 05/07/25 None. 6/6
Previous members (last 12 months)