Reading KS2

Reading and Phonics

Reading and phonics skills are developed through whole class, group and individual activities and tasks. We have a range of picture, fiction and information books which children experience alongside more structured reading books. This ensures that children have a rich, varied and stimulating experience of books throughout the school.

The reading scheme used through school is Oxford Reading Tree. Visit Oxford Owl for further information.

Specific reading skills are taught through a structured developmental approach appropriate to the age and needs of the individual child. Structured reading sessions in school help develop a range of reading skills and a deeper understanding of the texts being read. We aim for our children to develop a positive attitude to reading and a love of books. The best way you can help your child to read easily and with enjoyment is to talk and listen to them as much as possible, answering questions from an early age and trying to involve them in a variety of interesting experiences.

Phonics input continues through KS2 until pupils have secure skills. Once pupils have completed Phonics phase 6 they will move to a support for spellings model. Our Phonics scheme is Letters and Sounds. Visit Letters and Sounds for further information.

Below are a few suggestions of books that may be suitable for different age groups.
This doesn’t not mean they aren’t suitable to be read by children of other ages.

Accelerated Reading

To encourage a love of reading and provide further engagement and motivation for reading, Rosemellin School uses the Accelerated Reader programme for all children who have completed RWI phonics. Following an assessment carried out each term, our children spend time each day reading their own choice of books from a selection chosen to ensure the greatest speed of development.

After reading each book, children complete an online quiz in school which gives them feedback on their reading.  Accelerated Reader promotes and rewards reading for pleasure, gives teachers the information they need to monitor children’s reading practice and to make informed decisions to guide their future learning.  Children collect points based on the books they read and are awarded certificates as they progress through the AR levels.

More details about how Accelerated Reader works can be found here:

A parent’s guide to Accelerated Reading


15 Reads


45 Reads


75 Reads


105 Reads

Yellow Dan

150 Reads

Purple Dan

200 Reads

Red Dan

300 Reads

Rosemellin Star Reader

500 Reads


30 Reads


60 Reads


90 Reads


120 Reads

Orange Dan

175 Reads

Green Dan

250 Reads

Blue Dan

400 Read